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Preservation of plant biodiversity of cultural and wild flora is the main priority in the scientific activities of the team that performs the National program of Plant Genetic Resources in IPGR-Sadovo in Bulgaria. The main research activities include:

  • Enrichment of collections with new germplasm
  • Complex assessment of PGR
  • Maintain of PGR
  • Conservation of germplasm
  • Documentation of PGR
  • Use of plant diversity

The National collection of cultivated species and their wild relatives includes: advanced cultivars, breeding lines, old cultivars, local population, mutants and wild species. It is divided into eight basic groups: cereal, legumes, forage crops, oil crops, industrial crops, vegetables, medicinal and ornamental plants.

The plant accessions in the main collections are evaluated in accordance with the contemporary methods, classifications and standards of FAO and the European Programme for PGR.

A database from evaluation information has been created and a selection of samples with the possibility of improving the species and cultivar structure of farmers’ agriculture has been carried out. Core collections, which fully represent the genetic diversity in the context of the contemporary criteria for the future significance of the initial material in selection programmes, have been created.

Role within AGENT

IPGR-Sadovo will contribute to

  • WP2 - A European crop GenRes diversity atlas of wheat and barley by providing a set of 500 wheat and 500 barley accessions through single seed descent (SSD) for genotyping.
  • WP3 - A European atlas of phenotypic information on GenRes in
    • Task 3.1. Utilise phenotypic legacy data including climate data records accrued over decades of conservation management
    • Task 3.2: Develop a pan-European GB phenotyping network
    • Task 3.3: Establishment of a pan-European wheat and barley ‘precision collection’
    • Task 3.4: Build-up decentralized training datasets for a European atlas of phenotypic information, provide data about biotic stress
  • WP7 - Innovation management: Promoting use, sharing resources, capacity building and communication and dissemination of results in
    • Task 7.1: GB community capacity building
    • Task 7.4: Project Communication
    • Task 7.5: Dissemination to target communities and exploitation

Main contacts

Photo of Assoc. Prof. Dr Katya Uzundzhalieva
Assoc. Prof. Dr Katya Uzundzhalieva
Director of the IPGR-Sadovo
Photo of Assoc. Prof. Dr Gergana Desheva
Assoc. Prof. Dr Gergana Desheva
Genebank manager
Institute of Plant Genetic Resources - Sadovo
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4122, Sadovo
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