Instytut Hodowli I Aklimatyzacji Roślin – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy


Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute (IHAR-PIB) - National Research Institute is the largest Polish research centre in the multi-disciplinary area of crop improvement, biotechnology, germplasm conservation and enhancement. The current mission of IHAR is to develop theoretical principles and research methodologies related to germplasm conservation, enhancement and utilization in breeding of field crops, seed science and seed production, collection and preservation of plant germplasm resources for breeding and research programmes. Research agenda is focused on identification of genetic sources of the important agronomic traits, studies on their genetic control and methods of utilization, research on the mechanisms controlling crop resistance to diseases, pests and environmental stresses, application of biotechnological methods in plant breeding and gene transformation. An important element of the IHAR-PIB organisational structure is the National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources, i.e. polish gene bank. It serves as the National Coordinator for Plant Genetic Resources Programme, with the objective of conservation of genetic variability of crop plants endangered with genetic erosion in Poland. NCPGR is the second the largest gene bank in EU.

Role within AGENT

IHAR-PIB is a task leader in WP2 – wheat genotyping and participant, in WP3 - phenotyping of 500 wheat and 500 barley accessions, providing historic data from documentation systems, deep phenotyping for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, WP5 - data exchanging and WP7 - dissemination results.

Main contacts

Photo of Dr. Maja Boczkowska
Dr. Maja Boczkowska
Assistant professor
Photo of Dr. Wiesław Podyma
Dr. Wiesław Podyma
Head of National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources
Instytut Hodowli I Aklimatyzacji Roślin – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy
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