PRO-GRACE/EMPHASIS policy symposium and workshop on plant genetic resources and phenotyping

In two days, European project PRO-GRACE will be holding a policy symposium and workshop about plant genetic resources and phenotyping, in collaboration with the EMPHASIS European plant phenotyping infrastructure. This 2-day event aims to raise awareness about the conservation, characterisation and use of plant biodiveristy in Europe. Several of our partners at AGENT are also part of the PRO-GRACE consortium and the two projects collaborate in defined areas.


The policy symposium (June 27) will address the challenges and opportunities linked to the manipulation of non-commercial plant genetic resources present in genebanks and in their natural habitat in Europe. This will furter highlight the necessity for future research infrastructure to slow down plant biodiversity loss.

The workshop held on June 28 will provide an inventory of the different initiatives for phenotyping plant genetic resources and further bring forward the role of phenotyping in the managmeent and utilisation of plant genetic resources. For this occasion, Dr. Sandra Goritschnig, from our partnering institution ECPGR, will present AGENT's approach during a workshop session focusing on the contribution of European projects to improved genebank inventories.

The PRO-GRACE project aims to establish a European Research Infrastructure to improve the conservation, management, and study of plant genetic resources, addressing current gaps in resources, information, and coordination across Europe.

For more information about the event, visit PRO-GRACE's website.