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— NPPC —

NPPC is a unique research organisation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Slovakia and is the only research organisation in Slovakia dealing with strategic and applied research in agriculture and food. One of the NPPC institutes is The Research Institute of Plant Production, which has research activities in the field of technological research: sustainable and innovation technologies in plant production including the integrated alternative and ecological forms; plant production greening research of effects and impacts of climate change on the plant production process and possibilities for an adaptation of agriculture to climate change. Genetically-breeding research is focused on: conservation and utilisation of plant gene pool for food and agriculture (Gene Bank is located at the Institute in Piešťany); analyses of plant genotypes and phenotypes, relationship between them and creation of new biological materials with improved properties using the progressive methods; biotechnological procedures applicable in plant production and in agriculture. Gene Bank of the Slovak Republic of provides principal task at conservation of seed species of the crops. Gene Bank of the Slovak Republic ensures monitoring, evaluation, study, identification and long-term conservation of gene pools of the all agriculture crops. Seed accessions in the Gene bank of the SR are maintained in the base collection and in the active collection. From the safety reason the most important accessions are maintained like safety duplicate collection in the gene bank Crop Research Institute Prague - Ruzyne, Czech Republic. The Gene bank of the SR cooperated with other gene banks on the world, mainly in the bilateral exchange of the seeds for research and breeding reason. The Slovak Republic as a member of the Bioversity International Rome participates in the activities of the European Cooperative Programme for Genetic Resources. URL Address Genetic Resources Information System of Slovakia: . The Institute provides dissemination and transfer of knowledge and research and development results into practice. Performance of field experiments are based on GEP certificates in RSS Malý Šariš and Vígľaš and experimental station in Borovce. Research activities are focused on cereals, oilseeds forages, legumes and some special crops. Plant breeding aimed at winter wheat, oats, triticale and poppy is carried out by the Research and Breeding Stations of the Institute at Malý Šariš and at Vígľaš-Pstruša. Experimental Station at Borovce serves as an experimental basis of RIPP Piešťany.

Role within AGENT

Within AGENT NPPC contributes to the following work packages and tasks:

  • WP2 in
    • Task 2.1: Unlocking European GenRes diversity in barley and wheat – coordinated sampling of DNA.
    • Task 2.5: Coordinated QC monitoring of wheat and barley GenRes in European GB
  • WP3 in
    • Task 3.1. Utilise phenotypic legacy data including climate data records accrued over decades of conservation management
    • Task 3.2: Develop a pan-European GB phenotyping network
    • Task 3.3: Establishment of a pan-European wheat and barley ‘precision collection’
    • Task 3.4: Build-up decentralized training datasets for a European atlas of phenotypic information, provide data about biotic stress
  • WP4 in
    • Task 4.3: Deploying genomic models and present / future climatic conditions of the place of sampling to drive gap analysis
  • WP5 in
    • Task 5.3: Facilitating data curation and exchange of data compliant with the FAIR principles in AGENT’s data infrastructure
  • WP7 in
    • Task 7.1: GB community capacity building
    • Task 7.4: Project Communication
    • Task 7.5: Dissemination to target communities and exploitation

Main contacts

Photo of Dr. René Hauptvogel
Dr. René Hauptvogel
Photo of Dr. Pavol Hauptvogel
Dr. Pavol Hauptvogel
Researcher and Director of RIPP
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