Centre for Agricultural Research

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The Centre for Agricultural Research (ATK) is the largest agricultural research complex in Hungary. In Martonvásár, ATK carries out research in the field of fundamental and applied research mainly related to cereals. The institute has great achievements in the field of wheat and maize breeding. Related to the breeding activity and applied research, ATK maintains a plant genetic resources collection to preserve the breeding lines, varieties and wild relative species of wheat. Previous research experience of the researchers enables phenotypic characterization of traits having significant contribution to ecological adaptation, biotic and abiotic stress tolerance and to the end-use quality that allows the identification of QTLs and genes influencing key traits.

Role within AGENT

The main task of ATK in the AGENT project is phenotyping of plant genetic resources. ATK contributes the evaluation of abiotic stress tolerance within the wheat and barley European precision collection.

Main contacts

Photo of Dr. Andras Cseh
Dr. Andras Cseh
Senior Researcher
Photo of Dr. Maria Megyeri
Dr. Maria Megyeri
Senior Researcher
Centre for Agricultural Research
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