Today, AGENT observes the International Day for Biodiversity, supporting efforts in increasing understanding and raising awareness of biodiversity.

This year’s theme of “From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity” celebrates the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, adopted during COP15 in late 2022, while highlighting the urgency of what remains to be done in terms of implementing action globally to halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

Often understood in terms of a wide variety of plants, animals and microorganisms, biological diversity also includes genetic differences within each species. This can be varieties of crops or livestock breeds. Biodiversity also considers the variety of ecosystems, such as lakes, forests, deserts or agricultural landscapes, that host multiple kinds of interactions among their inhabitants, including humans, plants and animals. Its sheer variety builds the foundation for life on Earth. Biodiversity is fundamental to human well-being, a healthy planet, and economic prosperity for all. It needs to remain protected.

AGENT takes stock of the resources of common cereals currently available in regional genebanks within the EU and aims to establish a cooperation network between them. This is an important contribution to stabilising and increasing agro-biodiversity.

Join the AGENT consortium in its celebration and commitment to biological diversity for a sustainable and resilient future for all! DayForBiodiversity_AGENT